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I'm a Dreamer

When I come to live in Miami before to live 10 years in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain and having left my beloved Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002.

I wanted to get my American Dream. 


in 2012 I started working in a Flower Shop, but that same year I had my first client and there I started a freelance working for other florists and making my own weddings.

Five years later I can say that beginnings are not easy live in a new country, with a different language and starting from scratch! But every effort is worth it and has its reward.

My Style

My Style, as my roots are European, where romanticism and passion melds.

Inspired in the French Rococo Style, the Italian designers for excellence and the joyful and diverse Spain.

Let's do it

My commitment is to offer and create my best work for you with dedication and details.

Each celebration is unique so I try to visualize and empathize, so that my flowers dazzle and make your event unforgettable.

For these reasons I Want to be your Floral Designer


Please attach date and place of the event. As well all possible details to send you a proposal.

Lorena Chiantaretto, Floral Designer

I want to be part of your special day!

Thank you to contact me!

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